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My Favorite Sites for Free Stuff

Welcome to Start Sampling: Free samples and Tryer Miles. I already got free stuff! Use ctaylor28 as the reference.
Theme World Desktop themes: Theme World has an excellent review process and there are many awesome themes to save for your computer. I love this place!
Hotmail: Free web based email address
The official Titanic web Page: Gives all kinds of details behind making the movie and a Screen saver and desktop wallpaper
Mail: Another free email address and you pick the domain
Afreeb: Get freebies here, like newsletters, mags, other sign-ups
DiscoverySchool's Puzzlemaker allows kids to make crossword puzzles: Discovey school for kids, parents, and teachers
Best free ISP's in the USA: free internet
Free things for educators!: Teachers sign up here to send away for materials.
Free stuff for teachers: Click for resources.
Student planner promo form: Get a free gel pen!
A portal to online learning games for children: For kids in pre-school to sixth grade.
Game titles: Free CD Rom software

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These are my personal favorites out there on the web.

These are sites to surf to enter for free stuff or get free stuff.
Try them!  They are all neat and you get free stuff.  These aren't 
the only links available, just the ones that I think are really neat
and a lot of fun.  Enjoy!  And get some free things.
You should note that I have used every one of these sites and free
services.  They are all fun and really pay you something or give you
something free.  (No cost, nada)
Good luck and happy surfing!
Click Here!
Click on a banner to get free stuff or free trials offers.

Click Here!

Click Here!

Click Here!

Click Here! Click Here!

All Free Stuff! Catalogs, Coupons, Games, Sweepstakes, Free Trial Magazines & More!

All Free Stuff! Catalogs, Coupons, Games, Sweepstakes, Free Trial Magazines & More!

Be sure to bookmark this page, which features several totally free offers for products & services. New offers will be added on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often!

Click Here! Click Here! Click Here!
Click Here!

Print Coupons Right From Your Computer!

Click here to print coupons for your favorite stores right from your computer - totally free!
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Get a free copy of vocabulary master -- download or by mail -- and learn to speak one of 13 languages, quickly and easily. Choose from Spanish, French, Italian and 10 others. Click here now!


Learn about MGN-3, the revolutionary supplement, which helps build your body's defense mechanism against infection, disease and all forms of invaders. When people get sick, it's mostly because their immune systems aren't up to fighting disease. This revolutionary supplement can help build up your system.

Free Scholarship Search - Need money for college? Use FastWeb's free scholarship search to find information on more than 600,000 scholarships! FastWeb is recommended by more than 3,000 colleges and 14,000 high schools.

Free screensaver from Wired Magazine! - Click for more details!
AFREEB.COM - Free Stuff For You! - Catalogs, coupons, sweepstakes, contests, magazines, shopping bargains, and much more.
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